Select Category

All of your content will be tagged by category or location so users can quickly and easily find what they're looking for.

Choose Offer

ShareCentive makes it easy to share to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Text & Email with one click.

Post Content

Users can create a unique message when they post content and it will appear instantly in their feed. 

Points for sharing will automatically be added to the users account and tracked in your Social CRM.

Lead Generated

To claim an offer the visitor will click on the post and be directed to a page where they must enter in their name and cell phone number.

3 SMS Notifications

You'll be instantly notified when a new lead is generated, the person who posted will be notified and the lead will receive a text message.

The lead information is also put into your Social CRM and additional points can be awarded for generating a lead.

Offer Delivered

The content, coupon or offer will be instantly delivered to the lead via SMS.

...and that's exactly how ShareCentive will generate leads and referrals for your business.