Generate More Leads For Your Used Car Department

Example video that we'd have our clients share for our used vehicle department. If they were in the market they'd claim this offer.

Now You Can Promote Any Pre-Owned Vehicle On Your Lot In Minutes

Unique Vehicles

Have a unique vehicle on your lot?  Create an offer and get it shared with the world in minutes

Aged Vehicles

Have a vehicle you must sell?  Make a great offer, add some bonus points for a sale and watch it sell

Discount Coupons

Offer $1000 off coupons and discounts to spur some additional traffic and buyers to your dealership

CPO Inventory

Have a fleet of CPO vehicles? Create a special pricing program and show people how much they'll save off new

$0 Down Payment

For buyers that don't want to put money down (everyone) create a $0 offer and it will sell quickly

Buy Your Vehicle

Buying vehicles? Let people know you'll pay more than anyone else with custom offers in ShareCentive